Feel Some Nostalgia with Inky Blocks

Many people remember Tetris: the catchy Russian anthem, Korobeiniki, repeating over and over again as the mysterious blocks fall randomly, seemingly endlessly, from the invisible sky. Inky Blocks, an Android phone app game created by Andrew Ivchuck, is based off the classic, block-busting Tetris, but it is done in a modernized style.

Inky Blocks’ mood is relaxing with a colorful atmosphere. Gameplay mechanics revolve around a circle, which is able to be rotated 360 degrees, as each block falls from the middle circle. When the blocks trickle down the 2-D sphere, obstacles become increasingly difficult through the addition of other blocks in the environment and a faster-paced speed. Players can obtain power-ups, such as the Laser or Boom, through wiping out five-or-more rows of blocks or through swapping and storing each block needed. The electronic/dubstep-style mix tracks are composed by Avicii award winner and sound-producer, HAXXY, and they can be heard throughout the entire game.

Inky Blocks is still in beta-testing, but will be released in Google Play and soon for the App Store for free on December 9. For more  information on Inky Blocks, check out the website and twitter page.

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