Indie Videos – Fight In A Cave, Explore A Planet, Survive A Dungeon


Currently in development by Discord Games for Windows, Mac, and Linux, Chasm is a 2D action-RPG platformer featuring procedurally generated, Metroid-like dungeons for players to explore. Discord Games has a screenshot Tumblr blog for people to follow or browse through, something which other developers would be wise to emulate. Earlier in the week, the developers revealed the first gameplay trailer for Chasm, in anticipation of this year’s Game Developers Conference. Discord Games is in attendance, located at kiosk #7 in the play area.

Visit Chasm‘s official website to find out more about the game, and follow the developer on Twitter.


Pathea Games is seeking funding for Planet Explorers, through Kickstarter. The team is seeking $100,000 to help them complete their sandbox adventure game. Currently a little over $27,000 has been raised, and there are still 25 days left in the funding campaign.

Planet Explorers puts players in the boots of a stranded space colonist, attempting to survive on planet, Maria. Players will be able to customize their character, create weapons, and partake in a full story-arc and side quests. Multiplayer will be a feature and will include a build mode, an adventure mode, a co-op mode, and versus mode.

“At where we stand,” Pathea Games explains on the Kickstarter page, “we have enough budget to finish a bare minimum game, but not enough to add in every feature, storyline, and technology that we want. That’s where Kickstarter comes in. We hope that what we’ve managed to put together so far is enough to convince you that it’s something you want to play when it’s completed, enough so that you will support us on our way there.”


FobTi Interactive is celebrating the release of Obludia’s Alpha version 1.5, with a new gameplay video, showing off some of the new content. The new build features a magic shop for upgrade purchases, updated visuals, new enemies and monsters, and an entirely new dungeon.

Inspired by Smash-TV and Robotron, Obludia takes the form of an old-school arena-based action game. Obludia is still in Alpha, but pre-ordering gets buyers immediate access to the current build, and all future builds. There is a pre-purchase discount as well, making the game 70% cheaper than what it will be upon launch. Visit Obludia’s official website and follow them on Twitter.


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