Indie Intermission – ‘Save’ How A Bat Must Feel

Save ss01

Deep in a dark room all you can hear is the puncturing sound of a heart melodically beat, over and over. Today I look at Save a game created for the Global Game Jam 2013 by TrueBlueCreature.

Save is a maze game in which you must navigate largely based on the sound of the heart. It’s an interesting idea and one I feel can work very well, however it did feel that Save had some issues with this method of navigation. The biggest problems came on the latter levels where the heart would beat you to the person but failed to take into consideration there where now teleporters.

The graphics choice being created in such a minimalistic manner is great and emphasises the character much more.  Although the colour pallet does feel a little bit grey the overall idea was a good choice, even if the colour pallet was not ideal in my mind.

Save ss02

Average play time – 10 minutes

Save is quite the innovative little game that adds a whole other level to puzzle games by changing the focus from visual clues to audio ones. It’s a great idea and one that with added time can be fleshed out a bit more and with the addition of power-ups and more varied levels Save could become a very interesting little game, maybe for mobile.

Check out Save’s GGJ2013 page and give it a go.

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