Indie Intermission – ‘Loss’ Whatever It Takes To Win

loss ss01

Today’s game is one about loss and is quite neatly called Loss. Created by Amidos in 24 hours for the GameTako Zanga Loss is a rather deep and moving game all about loss (as you might expect).

Loss is a very simple platformer in which you start out with wings and as you progress you slowly start to lose parts of you as you achieve your goals. Although the gameplay is  very simple and quite straight forward overall the ideas in Loss feels so much deeper.

The fact that by completing the level you actually begin to lose is a very interesting idea and one that does once more help to point out just how arbitrary goals in video games are, and although Loss only has a few very small levels the message is conveyed very well.

loss ss02

Average play time – 3 minutes

Loss does lack depth of gameplay but being created in just 24 hours you expect the game to be lacking in some areas. Overall the message conveyed in Loss is great and at the very least it is quite a nice functional little platformer that is well worth looking at.

Loss can be played on Newgrounds now.

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