Indie Intermission – ‘Don’t Kill The Cow’ What Really Is A Win Condition


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When I first heard about Don’t Kill The Cow I really didn’t know what to expect. It appeared that the game was quite self explanatory, or so I thought until I played through the game and found out there is far more than meets the eye.

Don’t Kill The Cow was created by Seemingly Pointless and is a very interesting critical take on how we perceive games. Don’t Kill The Cow has been created in a rather appealing pixel art style that really allows for the creation of extremely vivid scenes, along with the odd shocking one.

The whole premise of Don’t Kill The Cow is essentially in the title of the game. However by not killing the cow do we really win the game? I don’t want to spoil too much of the game due to its very small nature but this really is a game that forces a lot of deep thought.

It’s great that Seemingly Pointless throw in the idea of morality, and to some extent the point of games victory conditions overall and how much do we as gamers need that victory screen? And are we willing to give up everything just to get it.

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Average play time – 5 minutes

Don’t Kill The Cow is a very interesting social commentary on how we view games in the now. It asks a lot of questions and allows us to answer them as individuals, but is a happy ending worth it even if we have to accept defeat?

You can download Don’t Kill The Cow here. Find more out on the Seemingly Pointless official site.

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  • Vile

    Kind of disappointed I hardly ever see comments here…In any case, I just finished this game (in a variety of ways) and highly recommend it for what it is. It’s no masterpiece, but it’s interesting. I don’t think it’s something marketable, but it’s something worth playing, and in the eyes of the big developers, that doesn’t seem to mean too much at all. Indie Game Mag is refreshing and wonderful, just like this game. I couldn’t sit here and describe it without spoiling the game for anyone else – I purposefully skipped much of the description so as to figure it out for myself. I was delighted by what the game made me think about – actually consider – and to wrap it all up, think this is a must play.