Indie Intermission – ‘Demonrift TD’ Not Your Standard Tower Defence

Demonrift TD ss01

Since I have been doing this daily column there is one genre that I have actually managed to avoid for the most part, even though it makes up a rather big percentage of online indie games. I am of course talking about the much loved tower defence genre and even though there is so much competition in this market I think I’ve found a very special one here.

Demonrift TD is a game that has been developed by Menara and offers a bit more than just a rather average tower defence game, by including a strong narrative and some interesting overarching resource management Demonrift TD is a very well designed tower defence game.

A key point in Demonrift TD is as you progress through the game world and take over towns you are able to collect resources from these places each turn. You must then spend these resources on various upgrades  that will determine just how well you do on the following levels.

Demonrift TD ss02

Average play time – Less than an hour

Demonrift TD features a great deal of content that fits together very well, it is easy to see just how much time has been put into the game. Demonrift TD offers much more than just a mediocre tower defence by giving you strategic resources to manage, spending them on upgrades that really adds another level to this game.

To play Demonrift TD head to Kongregate and see just why this tower defence shines above the rest.

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