Indie Intermission – ‘Cosmology’ A Frantic And Fun Minimalistic Arcade Game

Cosmology Splash

There is something about minimalistic games the seems to appeal to me, I’m not sure what it is but the clean crisp interface and gameplay really is quite compelling and does appeal to my more refined side.

Cosmology is a great little arcade game from Ben Sironko with your only aim to avoid touching the blocks for as long as possible. This does sound like a rather simple request, however as you must expect this become ridiculously more difficult as the fraction of  seconds tick down.

The time counting mechanic is great in Cosmology as it records your highest time in a superscript from above your current time. Although this recording method was originally confusing to me, I quickly twigged it was not a score multiplayer or level but just your highest score.

The gameplay is fast and frantic with some great nuances in the way the blocks react to you. Whilst some of the blocks bend towards you others totally ignore you creating a rather unpredictable maze of blocks on the screen, adding greatly to the gameplay experience.

Cosmology ss01

Average play time – Seconds

Cosmology is a game that scores you in increments of seconds, however sucks up hours of your time. To even push your score up one second it can take you upwards of 30 minutes, this truly is a game where time has little meaning.

If you are a fan of arcade style games and love a bit of a challenge Cosmology may very well be the game for you. Be sure to check it out here.

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