Indie Intermission – ‘Cookie Clicker’ Travel Through Time And Space To Make Cookies

Cookie Clicker ss01

Welcome back to a new week and with the week comes an all new round of indie games to sink your teeth into. Today’s game really is quite the delicious game, all about cookies.

Cookie Clicker is from Orteil and it’s quite a fantastic yet pointlessly simple game. Cookie Clicker takes the original Cow Clicker idea and expands it into a new form which is actually surprisingly fun.

The whole idea behind Cookie Clicker is to simply click the cookies as fast as possible and generate an ever-growing cookie empire. It is a simple idea and one that is made even easier as you automate a lot of your cookie farming to distant planets, grandmothers, and even time travel.

Cookie Clicker is full of tongue in cheek humour from the get go and has a great sense of humour throughout. The art style is also very nice helping to bring this game together into a great experience.

Cookie Clicker ss02

Average play time – a few minutes to a few days

Cookie Clicker is a simple game that by all rights should not really be fun but for some reason it… just is. Maybe it is the different level of automation you can unlock or maybe it is the achievements you can unlock but it just works.

If you would like to waste a day on Cooker Clicker click here.

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