Indie Intermission – ‘Anonymous Messages’ Who Are These Notes Really For?

Anonymous Messages ss01

After going over several Slender style games last year I had thought the fad may of ended, however 2013 shows that there is indeed still life left in this concept with Anonymous Messages by Bug Games.

Anonymous Messages builds on the original Slender game by adding improved graphics along with adding a few new interesting ideas for gameplay mechanics. In Anonymous Message you start lost in a forest and must recover all of the notes from this eerie wood.

The unnerving atmosphere is generated by the empty woods and disturbing audio cues. All of this can be found in any Slender styled game, however Anonymous Messages also adds in extra mechanics such as a heart rate monitor which create an added sense of dread.

Along with the gameplay mechanics Anonymous Messages has a chilling narrative that runs through the game creating a very creepy overtone that runs deep within the game.

Average play time – 10 minutes

Anonymous Messages is a great addition to the horror genre adding horror and suspense to this creepy wood. The guys at Bug Games have managed to add a great deal to the already well established Slender genre and have actually rekindled some of the original magic.

Anonymous Message can be played online for free.

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