Indie Intermission – “A Heart For Mr. Dimitri” A Cute Running Game With Hamsters

The Heart

Original created from the Global Game Jam 2013 A Heart For Mr Dimitri is a very interesting running game in which you must test the mechanical heart of this poor little hamster by running along a conveyor belt and avoiding the missiles heading for you.

Its a very interesting idea and the art style as with all of Deconstructeam games is wonderful and has a very nice aesthetic. The game is visually awesome and has a lot of really nice quirks throughout to keep you interested in the game.

The gameplay is a lot of fun due to the developers actually bringing in some really nice gameplay elements to not just making this about mindless jumping. There is an upgrade mechanic which is nice and adds extra gameplay elements to this running game.

Along side the upgrade system from time to time in-game you will also have to over come amusing obstacles such as a cardboard cut out of a guy which you must beat down.

The Heart s02

Average play time – 15 minutes

A Heart For Mr. Dimitri is a very clever and fun game that has some great ideas and is visually very pleasing.  It has enough depth to keep you interested for its duration and does the job adequately making for a very fun and quirky little game.

Be sure to check out A Heart For Mr. Dimitri or visit the Deconstructeam site.

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