Indie Horror Hit ‘Home’ Coming To Mac And iOS


The indie horror game Home, and no I’m not talking about Sony’s abysmal social networking service, has done pretty good since its release on PC reaching an audience of over 100,000 players. Like all hit games, it’s time for some porting!

So far it looks like Home will be showing Apple some love by making its way onto Mac and iOS, with a possibility of an Android release. If you’re an Android fan you can go ahead and visit the official website where Benjamin Rivers is gauging interest in the platform.

Currently Home is only $1.49 on Steam and will be receiving free content in the near future, exciting! The intimate setting of a PC really works for this game, so if your stuck on making a choice between waiting for the mobile version or not, there is my personal opinion! All that being said, the controls for the game should port over well to touch screen devices as they’re pretty basic.