Illyriad releases updates and game data to celebrate 5 year anniversary

Illyriad Games Limited celebrated the 5 year anniversary of their first title – the browser-based free-to-play strategy game Illyriad – on March 22, and released several player-based metrics that were collected over the current lifetime of the game to celebrate.

According to the press release, Illyriad players have collectively traded over $4 trillion in gold, undertaken 125 million military missions, incurred 1.6 billion causalities, and accumulated 2,553 years of play time. The small indie game studio also boasted that over the game’s 5-year period, they only had less than 6 hours of unscheduled downtime, with scheduled maintenance raising that number to 15 hours.

world6For those who haven’t heard of the title, Illyriad is a FFA-PvP strategy sandbox game designed for web-browsers. Built in response to what the developers believed to be a slew of similar titles with too much limitation in player choice, Illyriad strives to offer gamers a diverse set of strategies to fit personal taste while still being competitively strong. The anniversary update includes a large number of additions and improvements, including more than ten cities, new story lore concerning the Council, and an update to infantry and crafting. The team also promised that additional features were on the way, with improvements to the map, additional perspectives, and more interactivity cited as a primary focus.


Multiple races, hundreds of military units, and a lengthy tech tree are just some of the strategy game elements that Illyriad includes. Players can forge alliances, craft equipment, and even engage in diplomatic strategies such as spying, counter-intelligence, theft, sabotage, and assassination.

Players can find more details about the game on the official website, along with the full list of updates that Illyriad received due to the anniversary on the developer’s blog page.

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