IGM Forum Finds – Rats: Time is Running Out!

The bank-robbing sub-genre of games takes another form in Rats: Time is Running Out!, a new game by Citérémis. Evil pigs have locked up some loot, and it’s up to a resourceful rat to return what rightfully belongs to the community. Players must evade authorities using the power of enhanced cheese, collecting as much wealth as possible before time runs out!


Players control said feisty rat with a simple goal: Get rich quickly! Large banks are patrolled by cats and birds, each of whom has their own visual acuity. Players sneak around the range of sight when possible, but if a sticky situation arises, there are power-ups in the form of cheese that can be eaten to gain special abilities. Speed cheese helps with outrunning the fuzz, invisibility is self-explanatory, freezing cheese gives a slight time bonus by making the rest of the world stop, and a special cheese helps to boost overall score by doubling the value of coins picked up.


For an added bonus to their score, players can collect keys which lead to other areas of the bank. These will reduce the timer, however, forcing a choice between loot quality or quantity. Once the player collects a specific diamond, the level is complete, and they then must exit the bank without being caught.


Rats: Time is Running Out! has been Greenlit by the Steam community, and will be available in both single-player mode. Find more information on IndieDB and Facebook, and follow the dev on Twitter for more screenshots and announcements. Have questions or feedback for Citérémis? Leave a comment here, or visit the forum post to enter the conversation!

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