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Old school dungeon crawling fans can rejoice as DFour Games brings us Dark Gates, their procedurally generated, dungeon-crawling adventure for the PC. If you want to help out Dark Gates on it’s way to production, make sure to visit the Greenlight campaign and give your thumbs for their cause.

Dark Gates 2

You may remember the days when dungeon-crawling was a direct translation of Dungeons and Dragons, creating a party of 4 to 6 people from a variety of classes as you ventured into the depths of some horrid dungeon, not knowing what the next corner held for you. If you do remember those days with fondness, Dark Gates is going to be for you. Hand in hand with the classic group building, dungeon spelunking fun, DFour Games has made a procedurally generated dungeon to make sure that every playthrough is fresh and fun.

While exploring you will encounter over 20 different types of monsters, though you need not fight them all. It is possible to bribe, kill or barter with some monsters to avoid fights that can’t be won.

Dark Gates 3

If you’re interested in keeping up to date with Dark Gates and its development process, make sure to follow here on our forums at IGM.


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