IGM Forum Finds – Blockadillo

If you grew up in the 1990s with fond memories of Brickle, one of the few games many kids were allowed to play during free time, you may feel a surge of nostalgia for Blockadillo, an Android game currently in alpha that’s being developed by Michael Olp.

A breakout puzzle game with more to the mechanics than your usual brick-breaker, Blockadillo has you playing as the ball rather than the paddle – and the ball is an armadillo! The armadillo will move up and down on its own, but you must control its movement left and right in order to direct it to blocks for breaking. The blocks must be the same color as the armadillo in order to break, and there are special blocks to change the armadillo’s color (seen here with circles in them).

blockadillo1The object of the game is to finish as many levels as quickly as possible while solving the puzzles that lie within; sometimes the puzzles are just about breaking the correct colors in the proper order, while others involve shielding the armadillo from blocks that can cause instant death (seen above as the red block with skull a skull on it). The developer is currently seeking input for the alpha build, and music will be added to the game very soon! (The featured video above isn’t broken — there’s just no sound as of that build, hence the “alpha” stage of development.)

For more information, please contact Michael Olp @quixoticproject, follow along with the game’s progress @blockadillo, and be sure to keep up with the forum page for further updates and to interact with the Michael and his team.

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