I Can’t Escape: Darkness Wants to Share Your Demise with Twitter

Part of social media is sharing successes as well as failures. Twitter, in particular, is a popular place for sympathetic sharing in 140 characters or fewer. I Can’t Escape: Darkness encourages you to share your untimely end – or successful escape – on the social media platform.

However, it’s not required to connect with a social media account to play the horror adventure. I Can’t Escape: Darkness places an unlucky player in a living dungeon where seemingly everything, living or alive, wants to trap them. Moving walls, collapsible floors, dead ends, and, of course, monsters that lurk in the shadows – the dungeon throws everything it can to keep its guest. Using a few tools, such as a flashlight and some weapons, the player has means of traversing the dark hallways and fighting whatever comes next.


Every playthrough in I Can’t Escape: Darkness is different, as the dungeon is procedurally generated. As players progress, they can discover clues about the dungeon and learn more about how it works. There are hidden surprises and secret rooms on every level. When the player dies or makes their escape, they have the option of Tweeting out the result.


Darkness is a sequel to I Can’t Escape, published in 2013. The original was developed in just one month and was played over 250,000 times, according to the developers.

Fancy Fish Games is publishing their follow-up adventure horror on September 17. The scares are compatible with Windows, Mac, and Linux users. Check out the Steam page for all the spooky details on I Can’t Escape: Darkness. Follow the game’s Twitter account and the studio’s Facebook page for updates.

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