Hunt Monsters in Deep Space as the Old Man in Blacksea Odyssey

Hemingway may have been onto something with The Old Man and the Sea. Namely, that whole “man vs. nature” thing. However, it might be more entertaining if it was set in space, and the old man had cybernetics, and he was hunting massive space creatures for competition. Blacksea Odyssey gives players just that. In a chasm between space and time, the greatest hunter of the universe is to be decided. Four challengers set out into the abyss of space, stalking the deadliest creatures for glory.

Blacksea fight

The champion of this competition is given the honor of hunting the Titan of the Stars, a beast of legend. Players control a cybernetic hunter known as the Old Man in this top-down shooter. The game features permadeath, a steep difficulty curve, and procedurally-generated levels. The levels will revolve around massive boss battles, where players hunt giant space creatures that are five times the size of the screen. There’s an expansive customization system that provides an almost limitless number of options for players to hunt as they please. They will plunge into destructible environments where they can take advantage of the harpoon mechanic, ripping apart their prey piece by piece.


Blacksea Odyssey is slated for a Spring 2016 release on Windows PC, Mac, Linux and consoles. An alpha version of the game will be released on November 3 for players who are interested in trying the game. To learn more about the game and developer Team Balcksea Odyssey, visit the official website, “like” on Facebook and follow on Twitter.

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