Honourbound – The Night of a Million Billion Demons

For fans of such high intensity action as Mark of the Ninja, the Shank series, and the illustrious, ‘One Button Death Punch‘, comes a new title that’s sure to tickle your fancy, and itch those button mashing fingers.

Honourbound is a new title from Bat Cat Games where you take on the roll of a samurai cutting through a swath of demonic forces conjured by Yomi, the Japanese underworld, before they break through into the land of the living. The game actually started off as a samurai-inspired endless runner a year and a half ago, but early on Bat Cat Games decided that they would rather make an adrenaline fueled, fast paced 2D action game with a focus surrounding strategic real time combat. The game is planned to be released by the end of this year, or possibly early 2015.

Honourbound (18)

From the distorted, high energy guitar riffs, to the fast paced sword play, to the giant eyeball-bellied demons walking casually through the background, one thing is certain throughout every moment of this game: You are in for a white knuckled, combo-filled violent ride as you try to repel the forces of the underworld. While the game is being developed for PC, make sure to bring your USB controllers to the party for some real fun, as the game plays best with its controller integration.

Graphically speaking, this game nails it on the head with the use of some impeccable design work, backed by the same level of attention to detail that the combat system has in place. The use of silhouette and color through every level feels purposeful, and highlights the action perfectly; it’s almost as much of a pleasure beating a level to see what other cool vista’s you’re going to see, as it is a testament to your skill as a player.

Honourbound (12)

So far there are 3 additional weapons planned beyond the staple katana that your samurai starts with, as well as special abilities large enough to fill the entire screen. The more strategic areas of combat will require player choice in utilizing the proper weapon for the proper situation.

Make sure to stay tuned for more information on Honourbound, and be sure to follow their blog for developer updates.

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