Hold your Bear Close and Outsmart Monsters in Teddy Terror

Whether you’re a fan of YouTuber Pewdiepie or not, his recent game jam titled Indies vs PewDiePie has one participant taking his game further. A product of the 72-hour jam, Teddy Terror is available for anyone to play, and the developer plans to take it much further.

In Teddy Terror, a little boy falls asleep to find himself trapped in a nightmare, armed only with his faithful plushie. This turns into a 2D survival horror experience, where the relatively helpless boy needs to destroy evil creatures on every level to progress. There’s little visibility, and even less weaponry. Once a monster is found, it chases the boy relentlessly, and rather than facing it head on, the boy needs to cleverly kill it with spike traps scattered throughout the level.  With 3 hearts, the character progresses to varying stages, and even has a toy gun with limited ammo to help fend off the nightmarish creatures.


Developer, Rage Monster Games, collaborated with Runic Sounds to create audio for Teddy Terror, but they’re not stopping there. They have plans to take the alpha demo to a full release. The current 10 puzzle levels will turn into randomly generated stages simulating a rogue-like dungeon crawler. While now the character only gets increased health buffs, the bonuses will cover diverse upgrades that last between playthroughs. In the next month or two, Rage Monster Games wants to get Teddy Terror on Steam Greenlight, along with a crowdfunding campaign to help cover developing costs.

Teddy Terror is available right now on Game Jolt as an alpha. Give it a shot to see if you can outsmart the horrors, and look to IGM for future updates on this project.

Luke has wide interests in games, from compelling fighting, action, and RPG titles to deeper interactive, storytelling titles that push today's genres and boundaries - especially awesome if they're related to diversity. Feel free to reach out on Twitter or via email.