‘Guns and Robots’ Gets A New Map

Guns and Robots

Earlier this morning, Masthead Studios released a brand new trailer for their free-to-play third-person robot shooter, Guns and Robots. The trailer, “Welcome to Suburbia” shows off the newest map Masthead Studios has integrated into their game. Set in a suburban backyard, players will be able to take advantage of fences, tree houses, pools, and more as they scramble around, attempting to destroy the opposition.

Guns and Robots launched last month. The game has players constructing their own unique robots and taking them into battle across various levels. The first group of levels that the game came with were American Old West themed. The open beta launched last week, and players interested in partaking can sign up at

“Players of Guns and Robots can look forward to exciting fast-paced battles, wide variety of customizable parts and modules, different weapon enchantments and pure fun,” explains¬†Atanas Atanasov, CEO of Masthead Studios, in the press release. “The open beta will allow players to play and participate in the development process.”

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