Goat Simulator Release Date Announced!

Goats and goat enthusiasts alike, rejoice! Coffee Stain Studios has officially announced a release date for their much-anticipated title, Goat Simulator.

Goat Simulator, the game in which you control a goat and wreak havoc, will be released on Steam on April 1. The studio is still accepting pre-orders on their website for $9.99. The time is coming, people! The age of goats is upon us!

Goat Simulator Low Gravity

Coffee Stain will be showing off a playable version of their capra hircus simulator at GDC this year, for those of you lucky enough to go. A Story About My Uncle, the non-violent first-person adventure game developed by Gone North Games, and published by Coffee Stain Studios, will also be playable at GDC in two weeks. If you’d like to follow along with all the goat-related shenanigans in the lead-up to launch, be sure to follow the team on Twitter @Coffee_Stain. (We’re really hoping this isn’t an April Fools prank… that would be cruel!)

  • JimmyD

    Do you know if there will be an SDK so that modders can develop their own goat models and/or create custom levels & missions? For example maybe there could be one where you have to balance a very unstable goat on a see saw and if it fell it could tell you “DON’T ROCK THE GOAT”