Global Game Jam 2014 Brings Thousands of New Games

Global Game Jam 2014 closed its doors yesterday with over 4000 games made in 48 hours. More than 23,000 participants across 72 countries lost countless hours of sleep as they imagined, invented, and built new projects across the weekend. There were experiments and prototypes, failures and successes, but everyone came out learned.

Global Game Jam in Vancouver saw a second day with sponsors on site, such as web platform Kongregate, providing Jammers the opportunity to make connections and learn about publishing opportunities. Site coordinator and GGJ committee member Kimberly Voll said that Vancouver had plans for a post-jam Unity workshop as a followup to the pre-jam one, as over half of the games created worldwide were made with the Unity engine. Vancouver also held a raffle with tons of free goodies, including a Windows Phone dev kit, given away courtesy of its sponsors.

You can currently check out all the games and developers on the GGJ website in an organized, searchable database. Most games are currently downloadable, or playable via the unity web player or the developers’ websites, and more will be uploaded as the servers settle down after Sunday’s exciting finale. The jam may be over, but its spirit lives on; stay tuned as IGM will have more on Global Game Jam and its games throughout the week.