Get Your Broom and Blast Foes in Wand Wars


There’s nothing like a magic fight; witches, wizards, demons and magical beasts blasting one another with bolts of magic as they ride their brooms in an arena to find out who is the superior caster. Players dive into the chaotic magic packed world of Moonradish Inc’s Wand Wars.

Up to 4 players can battle it out in 5 different modes. Arcane Arena, Team Arena, Merlinball, Team Hexout and Hexout. Arenas house unique challenges and mechanics like avoiding or controlling a powerful magical sphere that grows or dodging two large fists that will crush anything in their path. Players can cast spells that range from the typical fireball to turning their opponent into an adorable clucking chicken. The game offers a story mode that expands the back stories of the characters the players can pick, all while fighting wizards.

Wand Wars will be released on April 13 on Steam for Windows PC, Mac, and Linux. The game will be priced at $11.99 USD. To learn more about the game visit the official website, and “like” on Facebook. To learn more about the developer Moonradish Inc visit their website, and follow them on Twitter.

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