GDC 2015: Telltale and Disney Veterans Announce Tense Thriller, Oxenfree

Night School Studio, a new studio from alums of both Telltale Games and Disney, have announced today that they plan to release their first game later this year. Oxenfree is a game about new friends and exploration, and illustrates why teens shouldn’t be allowed to party in abandoned military compounds.


Alex has a new stepbrother named Jonas, whom she brings along on the unofficial senior class trip to Edwards Island. The group of teens will spend the night drinking and talking around a campfire before ultimately deciding to explore. As it happens, the group of fated adolescents happen to open up a rift in time, allowing unsettling beings to inhabit the normally sleepy island. The trailer hints at themes of possession, while giving players (controlling Alex) the choice of choosing to alienate Jonas or help him feel included and accepted. Like the popular Walking Dead series, what the player decides for Alex’s attitude may hold the key to survival.


Oxenfree features the talents of Telltale alums Erin Yvette, Gavin Hammon, and Brittani Johnson, as well as Avital Ash and Aaron Kubin. While there has been no platform announcement other than PC, players can expect to see Oxenfree by the end of 2015.

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