Gameplay Footage Released for Song of Horror

A small group of indie developers have released the first gameplay footage trailer for their debut title, Song of Horror. Based in Madrid, Spain, studio Protocol Games hopes the video will help build support for their eventual Kickstarter campaign, scheduled for June of this year.

In Song of Horror, players are dropped into the center of a deep mystery filled with supernatural perils. Daniel Noyer, a former businessman who has fallen on hard times, is tasked by his employer to seek out the famous writer Sebastion P. Husher. Noyer travels to the author’s home where he quickly realizes that all is not well at Husher’s Mansion, and soon finds himself in a life or death struggle against an evil presence. While many similarly-themed third-person survival horror experiences would leave it there, Song of Horror seems determined to expand upon typical conventions.


A manifestation of The Presence

With a focus on narrative, exploration, and character development, the game is split up into several chapters, with each taking place in a different area or environment. There is no combat in the traditional sense, leaving players forced to rely on their ability to flee, hide, or think of creative solutions when they find themselves in direct conflict with a supernatural entity. The complete story is then slowly revealed throughout the course of each chapter.


Playable character Sophie van Denend

Save points have been replaced with a randomized selection of playable characters, all with their own motivations, personalities, and relation to Noyer. These characters can all meet untimely ends during the course of their adventures, removing them from the rest of the story and from the roster of playable heroes. If gamers lose all their characters, then the chapter must be replayed from the beginning. Song of Horror is being developed for PC, Mac, and Linux with additional trailers, images, and feature descriptions available on the official website, plus the IndieDB and Facebook pages.

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