Game Music Bundle 5 Features Monaco, FTL, Fez, Gunpoint Soundtracks

Game Music Bundle 5 screenie

The fifth installment in the Game Music Bundle series, aptly titled ‘Game Music Bundle 5‘, launched earlier this week, featuring six soundtracks for the minimum price of just a dollar. Among the soundtracks up for purchase are those to Monaco: What’s Yours is Mine, FTL: Faster Than Light, FEZ, and Gunpoint.

The bundle has been widely successful in the past, and with a very low minimum price and some of the best soundtracks in indie gaming, this one is sure to be a hit. There are a few things that make this bundle unique: first of all, there’s a second tier of albums you can get for $10, which includes remix albums for Fez and Monaco. Second, the top contributors get prizes, with the number one contributor getting a Fez shirt signed by Disasterpeace. Both are great ideas to get some extra money towards these hard-working musicians.

The first tier ($1) albums are:

  • Austin Wintory – Monaco: What’s Yours is Mine
  • Ben Prunty – FTL: Faster Than Light – Original Soundtrack
  • Disasterpeace – FEZ: Original Soundtrack
  • John Robert Matz, Ryan Ike, Francisco Cerda – Gunpoint – The Soundtrack
  • Austin Wintory – Leisure Suit Larry: Reloaded
  • Kyle Gabler – World of Goo Soundtrack

The second tier ($10) albums are:

  • Various Artists – FZ: Side F
  • Various Artists – FZ: Side Z
  • Various Artists – Monaco: The Gentleman’s Private Collection
  • Austin Wintory, Malukah, Tina Guo – The Forge
  • Trickster Arts – Hero of Many
  • Calum Bowen – Marble Time: Original Soundtrack
  • James Dean – Super Panda Adventures
  • Various Artists – Anodyne Remix Album
  • Various Artists – Frog Fractions
  • Kyle Gabler – Little Inferno Soundtrack
  • Seagaia – Anodyne
  • David Saulesco – Me and My Dinosaur 2 Official Soundtrack
  • Soldak Entertainment / Tori Kamal – Drox Operative Soundtrack

You can buy the bundle at