‘Frontiers’ Kicks Off June With Funding Campaign


AAD Productions launched an Indiegogo campaign this weekend for Frontiers, an RPG that blends the open-world of first-person games with the relaxed pace and feel of point-and-click adventures. The campaign began Saturday, with a goal of $80,000 for the game’s completion. Developer Lars Simkins outlined what the $80,000 of campaign funds would be going to upon completion: “…There’s cost of living because I’ll be taking on little to no VFX work. Then there’s estimated costs of art assets based on a reasonable hourly rate, as well as the estimated cost of programming (far more nebulous) based on a reasonable hourly rate.”

The rewards for backing the campaign are as follows:

  • $15 – A copy of the game with early access and a copy of the soundtrack in MP3 and FLAC
  • $25 – An in-game blueprint for a backer-exclusive weapon, and previous rewards.
  • $50 – Write text that will appear in-game in a book, and previous rewards.
  • $150 – Your face on an NPC in the game, and previous rewards.
  • $250 – A custom easter egg in the game that you design, and previous rewards.
  • $500 – A 30″ x 30″ physical map of the game world, and previous rewards.
  • $2,500 – A co-exec producer credit, one of the three in-game regions named after you, and previous rewards.

Simkins has expressed his desires for stretch goals, and they are laid out in the campaign as co-op multiplayer, full mod support, a full character customization system, and character-owned and built structures. Currently, Frontiers is at around $4,500 so it needs all the help it can get. Frontiers is currently open for voting on Steam Greenlight as well.

The campaign ends on July 1st. The game is currently scheduled for release in January 2014. You can read our interview with Simkins about the game here, and you can donate to the campaign on Indiegogo.