From Our Backyard – ‘Amazing Ants’

Amazing Ants

Some of the most passionate forms of expression come from childhood memories. Something about the nostalgia for being so innocent and carefree makes for great art. Below Zero Games creator, Andy Hatch, is no different. His game Amazing Ants is based on his experience as a child of taking a bucket full of black carpenter ants, and making them fight red fire ants.

This Pac Man’ish strategy game has been in development for some time now. With two campaigns and a local two player mode, Amazing Ants looks like a fun time killer. You can view Andy Hatch’s thoughts behind the game concepts and its origins on his IndieDB page.

Andy has been working on improving the game since its release back in September. Andy has been a dedicated member of the Indie Game Magazine Community since his first post when Amazing Ants released.  We currently have a giveaway of Amazing Ants going on in the forums, so any one can post to win a code.

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