Sandbox MMORPG ‘Xsyon’ Aims To Give Players 1200 Square Kilometers To Explore


Notorious Games is working on an MMORPG called Xsyon, which features all the staples of the genre, but with a specific focus on community-driven content. Xsyon allows players to band together to form tribes, construct villages, share resources, and attempt to survive in Xsyon’s unforgiving world.

When technological war engulfs Earth, the world population is nearly wiped out. At the apex of the struggle a rift was torn open to another dimension and introduced creatures that are completely alien to mankind. Now Earth, as we know it, is hardly recognizable anymore. Devils, angels, gods, goddesses, and creatures of forgotten lore are battling it out, over our planet. Chaotic, would be a good would to describe the world of Xsyon.

The game features a dynamic, ever-changing, world which is affected by harvesting resources (cutting down forestry, and hunting animals for food) and constructing homes and villages.

“The game is built around environmental, natural, economic, questing, and social systems,” Notorious Games explains on the official website. “These systems are in constant flux and it’s the players interacting with these systems that determine the current state of the virtual world.”

The game world itself is being generated based on real-world topography maps from the California/Nevada border area. Currently, Xsyon consists of 120 sq km of gameplay area, with another 150 sq km, coming soon. The developers plan on having a full landscape of over 1200 square kilometers of area for players to explore.

Notorious Games is paying particular attention to the immersive nature of the dynamic environment: Xsyon features a full season rotation, realistic moon cycles, accurate constellation patterns which change throughout the year, a cloud system that affects atmosphere and lighting, and realistic plant growth, just to name a few things.

As far as character creation goes, players start with a base character that they will have to develop along the way, as they see fit. There are eight basic stats in Xsyon: strength, fortitude, agility, intelligence, spirit, perception, and charm. On top of the basic stats, are an additional six character-state modifiers: life, energy, swing power, hunger, thirst, and encumbrance. Faith and comfort will be introduced in the future.

Xsyon is constantly in development, but players who are interested can jump right in, by signing up and visiting the official website.

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  • This game is NOT free -to-play. Its.9.99 a month.

  • Hm, I suppose they should make that less illusive on their website. Thanks for the correction.

  • No problem. I think it was very much free to play early on. Now that they are moving to the “next phase” I think they have added a subscription fee.

    I was actually interested to go play it because it was free lol. I got all the way threw the sign up process when they wanted money from me…i was kind of bummed.

    Either way good article. You guys are one of 2 indie game sites i actually follow =P

  • Thanks! =]