Follow the Voice to Escape in Fractal Space

It’s 2015, and jet packs have yet to hit store shelves. However, video games are a good way to make that dream into a (virtual) reality. Fractal Space is a science-fiction puzzle adventure game from Haze Games. Players wake up in a strange space station that they’ve never seen before. Locked in a room, they must find a way out all on their own, but are they really alone?

Fractal_Space (5)

A mysterious voice, known only as Invisible Girl, tries to help players navigate out of the succession of entrapping rooms. Tape recordings have been left around the ship, and they can be used to help piece together the reasons why players are on the ship and how they got there, but the secret of Invisible Girl remains hidden until the very end.

In Fractal Space, players can collect multiple items to help them solve puzzles. Taser guns can activate switches remotely while some cubes can be placed directly onto other switches. The jetpack allows players to fly around the room to solve other puzzles.

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Charles Pearson, a game designer and developer, leads haze Games alongside Amélie Beaudroit, who is a game designer and the writer. They hope to “create strange sci-fi adventure and puzzle games.” Fractal Space is their very first game.

Fractal Space is currently in development and will be available for Android and PC. The game will be free on Android with the option to donate to support them, or for a flat price of $0.99 USD. On Steam, the game will be approximately $7.99 USD. The donation system will be removed on the paid platforms. For more information on Haze Games or to follow the development of Fractal Space, check out their website, follow them on Twitter, or “like” their page on Facebook.