Fling Yourself at Gravity in Sling Ship

Sling Ship is a procedurally-generated sci-fi game from Shane Huston. The game’s creation was born out of a challenge the developer gave himself: to create a sling-shot/golf mechanic that was similar to that of Desert Golfing or Angry Birds. After a refinement of the controls, the setting of the game was changed into a sci-fi cave crawler that required quick reflexes.


Gravity has gone rogue; what was once something that was a constant now abides by a new set of rules. The caves that players move through are inhabited by strange black rocks which possess unique powers of attraction and the ability to manipulate time. Players must rely on their skills to pilot their ship using a series of opposing forces. A left swipe causes the ship to go right. Swiping down will cause the player’s ship to climb upward. The game will feature 99 levels of procedurally-generated content, making each playthrough unique. There are plans for social media sharing, as well as a story mode for the upcoming update.


Sling Ship is set for release on October 1, 2015, for $1.99 (USD) on iOS. To learn more about the game visit the official website, like on Facebook and follow on Twitter. To learn more about the developer Shane Huston, follow him on Twitter.

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