‘Fleish And Cherry In Crazy Hotel’ An Isometric Adventure Game Influenced By 1930s Cartoons


Red Little House Studios is bringing the black and white cartoons of the 1930s to modern gamers in Fleish And Cherry In Crazy Hotel, an upcoming isometric adventure game. The game stars Fleish the fox, who is essentially the Mickey Mouse of his universe. Fleish’s rival, Mr. Mintz, is notorious for stealing Fleish’s girlfriend, Cherry, away from him. So far, things have always worked out for Fleish and Cherry in the end, but Red Little House Studio hints that that may not last for long.

Drawing inspirations from the Zelda, Monkey Island, and Professor Layton series of games, Fleish And Cherry will both reinfuse the genre with a fresh visual style and pay homage to the early years of animation.

“The visual aspect is one of the most important parts of the game, because everything has to be anchored to the 30s and respond to the laws of the cartoon’s world,” Red Little House Studios explains on their IndieGoGo page. We have traveled back in time and lived with Mickey Mouse, Oswald, the Looney Toones, Betty Boop and Popeye, among others, to inspire us and to get our own style.”

Knowing that the soundtracks to those classic cartoons are just as iconic as the art itself, Red Little House Studios is working with Hankins Studio to deliver a fun ragtime soundtrack. “The type of music, from ragtime to Big Band, and the sound effects made in Toonville, will be very reminiscent of that period and every character and level of the game will have its own style,” said Red Little House on the campaign page. Listen to a soundtrack sample on SoundCloud.

Check out Fleish And Cherry In Crazy Hotel on IndieGoGo and follow the developer on Twitter.

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