Find the Connection Between a Game and a Murder in The Lost Chapter

I’ve solved quite a few murders in games, but I have yet to solve a murder in a game that’s within another game. The Lost Chapter is bringing that kind of experience to Android and iOS, tasking players with figuring out who killed a game developer by playing through a retro game the killer left behind. Finding a connection between the game, the killer, and the victim is the only way players can solve the case.


The game within a game makes this point-and-click adventure quite unique. While it does possess the usual logic puzzles that are staples of the genre, players will have to take some time to play the retro game contained within The Lost Chapter to find clues. Reminiscent of Nanashi no Geemu, you’ll be switching between the real world and the game, using what you’ve found in both places to get to the end.


The oddly peaceful look of the retro game attempts to create a striking contrast against the violent real world look of The Lost Chapter, which contains some rough imagery of the crimes. The developers have worked hard to make these two worlds stand out in their own ways, using some realistic depictions of murders that look even more jarring when combined with the lighthearted appearance of the game within it.

douglas_garageThe Lost Chapter is available for $1.99 on the App Store, Google Play, and Amazon. For more information on the developer and the game, head to their website or follow them on Facebook and Twitter.

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