FIght For Your Lands in Highlands this April


If Disney were secretly making indie games, I would affirm that they’re working on Highlands. In fact, they’re not, but their hand-drawn art clearly influenced this RTS-RPG hybrid by Burrito Studio, an indie team led by former Ubisoft developer Alexandre Borgia. The team describe the game as”Risk meets The Banner Saga”, and from looks alone, this adventure beyond the clouds, which releases on April 21st, will be highly charming.


In Highlands, players take the role of a family of noble heirs, fleeing their kingdom after it was taken by mercenaries. Their goal is to raise an army of unique characters and reclaim the flying citadels that are theirs by birthright. From exile to triumph, players will have to guide this small group to glory through morale mechanics and a bit of resource management. On the battlefield, the characters are controlled in the same way as in a real-time strategy game, while the combat is played out through a card game. Using these methods, players must destroy whole armies with the brave soldiers at their disposal.


The game was first launched on Kickstarter and was successfully funded with more than $23,000. Recently, Burrito Studio put a smile on backer’s faces announcing that Highlands is going to be released on April 21st. The game will be available on PC only. For our first impressions on Highlands, read IGM’s preview back in 2014, which you can find here. For more information, visit the game’s Kickstarter page and tune in to its updates.

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