Fallout-inspired PipSpin Now On iOS And Android


PipSpin is a new minimalistic puzzler from Matthew Burton. Created with very basic visuals and relying on just one simple mechanic, PipSpin looks to do a lot with a little. When I first saw PipSpin it immediately reminded me of one of my favorite minimalist puzzlers, Super Hexagon. Yet, PipSpin seems to offer enough of a departure from many of the mechanics of Super Hexagon to stand on its own.

PopSpin relies on the simple concept of rotating a static platform in the middle of the screen whilst avoiding all the incoming obstacles.

The developer cites Fallout as one of his inspirations for the visuals and it is easy to see the Pip Boy aesthetic really shine through in PipSpin, let alone in the name of the game. It obviously wears its inspiration on its sleeve while also looking like an ideal game for that bus ride or waiting room.

PipSpin is available now on the iOS app store for $0.99 along with Google Play where it is currently free.

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