Fall Gracefully Into Battle in Super Jelly Troopers

From PC Dreams Software comes Super Jelly Troopers, a mobile game about dropping in on enemies for the good of the local population. The 2D platformer has players guide the titular troopers through a variety of obstacles in order to land safely in the enemy territory of the evil eyeball robotic enemies, who have a mysterious telekinetic ability that make the battles challenging.


The battle for Earth takes place over 24 levels, with many obstacles impeding the way of the intrepid blobs. Spikes, falling objects, lasers, and projectiles are waiting to stop the paratroopers on their way to war. Parachutes can be opened to slow descent, and closed again for a fast drop for evasion and final landings. The goal is to land on moving platforms at the bottom of the level, which are spaced out and interspersed with spiked platforms moving at the same rate. Players must land safely and rescue the other blobs present in the level in order to win.


Super Jelly Troopers is now available on iTunes, in the Windows store and on Google Play. For more information, check out PC Dreams Software’s website. Be sure to also follow them on Facebook and Twitter to stay up-to-date with this and future projects.

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