Explore a World on Uncertainty with The Bear, The Cat, and The Rabbit


The Bear, The Cat, and The Rabbit is a puzzling title that, without remorse, ushers players through a purgatory of uncertainty and oddity. The only thing that is certain is the threat of death that waits for any mistake from the player. The game doesn’t present a transparent theme, but rather a stark canvas for a story that goes beyond the end of the short experience. Meant to be a prelude to a comic book of the same name, The Bear, The Cat, and The Rabbit allows players to take the role of any of the three title characters at any given time. The point is to collaborate through puzzle after puzzle with little to no guidance from the game itself.


The anthropomorphic title characters are separated at the beginning, apparently caught up in a life-threatening situation as two of them are trapped. The cat is tied to an obelisk in a dilapidated Colosseum, guarded by a hound, while the rabbit is stuck in a classic dungeon floor-spike trap, and the bear is lost in the wastelands. Each character has a specific action they can perform to aid them; the cat may throw bait to distract the hound to avoid being bitten to death, the bear has a blackjack to strike with, and the rabbit can light up a cigarette with a zippo at any given button press (we’re not quite sure how useful that one will be yet). Made in collaboration with his wife, developer Michal Rostocki wanted to expand the comic world by bridging different media together, combining the immersion and involvement of video games with the direct panel-by-panel storytelling of comic books.

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