Evil is a Matter of Opportunity in Monsters

Monsters_Screen_1Disclaimer: The following article is about a game which contains Trigger Warnings for sexual violence, homophobia, transphobia, and abuse.

No one likes to think of themselves as capable of evil. No one thinks of themselves as the villain. We all believe we’re the hero of our own private story, and the mental gymnastics some must go through to maintain that fantasy is staggering. Still, how far are any of us from doing something horrible? Do we behave ourselves because we feel it’s the right thing to do, or do we do it because we’re afraid of getting caught – of what other people will think of us when they find us in the act. Psychic Studios’ Monsters is a study on the thin line between good and evil, and how a modicum of power can turn seemingly ‘good’ people into sickening creatures.


Monsters puts the player in the shoes of Aiden, just a regular guy out on a road trip with a group of his friends. After a car crash leaves them stranded, they find a woman tied to a tree, and slowly, awful ideas start to appear in your friends’ heads. Will you do anything to stop them for the sake of a stranger? These are your friends, after all. People you grew up with all your life. Will you hurt your own friends to help someone you just met? At what point does a part of you suddenly realize that your friends weren’t the people you thought they were?


As a narrative game with a few decisions and branching paths, Monsters asks its players to ask hard questions of themselves and what they believe in, as well as see the simple things that can bring out the darker sides of people. It is a story of very difficult questions and a literal punch to the emotional guts for its hour long duration, and it is recommended not to come to the game lightly. It’s a stark look into the nature of evil in all people, so if you aren’t afraid to look right into the heart of everyday human monsters, go give the free download a try.


Monsters is available for free from GameJolt. For more information on Psychic Studios, developer Atlas Atrium, and the game, you can head to their IndieDB site or follow the studio on Twitter.

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