Enter the World of the NSA in Top Secret

Top Secret is a narrative-driven game from developer James Long, and is played in real-time using email. Players take the role of a new NSA recruit on a mission to seek out who’s leaking TOP Secret documents to the press. The game is a blend of both fact and fiction. Players investigate the journalists involved with the Snowden leaks and the methods they used to cover their tracks while uncovering the real messages sent by Snowden at the time.

top secret reply

Players choose who they put under surveillance and in what order, giving them full control over their investigation. All that’s required to start an investigation is a “single selector”: a name, email address or phone number. The story of the game unfolds in real time over the course of days. This gives the player time to reflect on the choices they make as these choices impact the direction of the narrative. A delayed response could mean a character is disinterested, busy, or even cautious; a hasty reply could mean they’re impatient, excited, or angry.


Top Secret is currently in development, but is expected to release in May of 2016, and is playable on any device that supports email. There will be a digital copy released as well for Windows PC, Mac and Linux. To learn more about the game visit the official website, or to back the game visit the Kickstarter. To more about the developer James Long follow him on Twitter.

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