‘Endless Space’ Expansion Gets Release Date, Screenshots

Disharmony - Harmony Fleet

Amplitude Studios, creators of space strategy indie title Endless Space have announced the first expansion for the game. The expansion is titled Disharmony, and according to a press release on Tuesday, is in “the last stages of development”.

The Netherland-based studio also plans to unlock the Sheredyn Faction and the ‘Endless Hero’ from the Emperor Edition for all players, as well as Automaton ship models as a gift to the community. All of this will be available at the release of the expansion. Disharmony follows the release of 4 free add-ons since the game’s original inception in 2012.

The game has been designed using a process created by Amplitude Studios entitled ‘GAMES2GETHER’, in which players can vote on the features included in a video game. This process will still be used after the release of Disharmony.

Disharmony - Diplomacy View

Other features of the expansion include:

  • A brand new Faction called “the Harmony”
  • New fighters and bombers
  • New Battle Formation and Targeting systems
  • A complete rework of the Ship Design Interface
  • New invasion mechanics
  • A new AI system

Two new community requested features were added as well:

  • Four new heroes
  • An option to disable Exchange of Technologies

The Disharmony expansion pack will launch on Steam as DLC for $9.99 on June 26th. There will be an English retail version (a key-only box with a 16-page artbook) available in retail stores two days later. You can check out and purchase ‘Endless Space’ on Steam for $29.99. Check out our review of Endless Space here!