Dream Revenant – Unravel the Dark Secrets of the Past

Dream Revenant is a first-person adventure game, with a strong focus on a narrative experience not commonly found in mobile gaming. You play Carson Hughs, a forty year old man bound to his death bed, consumed by his subconscious mind. You journey through the depths of  his past, faced with having to unravel the dark secrets from his tormented childhood. 

You’ll spend your time in Dream Revenant exploring lush environments, uncovering mementos from throughout Hugh’s life, indiscreetly collecting trails of the story dependent on the items you interact with. With a strong focus on open world exploration, stunning surreal environments (powered by the Unreal Engine), and fully professional voice acting, Speedbump Studios is bringing a title that could be what the mobile gaming market needs to attract a more mature audience.


Speedbump Studios is G. Norman Lippert – a “one-man-band” artist, animator, and writer. He created Speedbump to produce mobile games with console-level graphics and novel-worthy stories.

If you’ve been yearning for an ambitious, first-person narrative game experience for your mobile device, then Dream Revenant may be the answer. The game was released today on iOS, published by BulkyPix, at a limited time price of $1.99! (The normal price for the game is $3.99.)

Kurt Indovina is a writer and artist, with an unhealthy obsession for the graphic adventure genre. He spends his time finding games that are more or less out of the ordinary, and push the boundaries of what defines video games as a medium. His dreams and aspirations is to one day be an old woman. If you like your coffee black, the game Grim Fandango, or the show Twin Peaks, you'll get along just fine.