Dragon of Legends Crosses Norse Mythology with Pixel Art MMO Gameplay

Another new game has arrived in the Square Enix Collective. This time, it’s a twist of old Irish and Norse mythologies baked into a MMORPG, pitched by Canadian studio Thrive Games.

Dragon of Legends takes place in Hávamál, which is split into two continents. While evil forces emerge in a fight for supremacy, two nations simultaneously vie for control over one another. Players can opt between the Norse – savage sea raiders known for their ferocity – and the Celts, warriors in tune with nature and harmony. There will be a robust system of classes to pick from, but for now only the Bondsman and Ranger have been revealed. Their abilities will distinguish them (even faction to faction), but functionally there will be corresponding classes to both. The gameplay itself is active-based 2D fighting, with no targeting or waiting for spell casts.

dragon2Furthermore, players start with some kind of background and motivation behind their actions, but they can ultimately choose to either save the world or become “an agent of destruction” at any time. Turning on allies or the faction will be possible in Dragon of Legends, and many choices throughout the game have consequences for the character, documented in a unique journal.

There’s also another way for players to leave their footprint on the world: Thrive Games plans to release tools that enable fans to create content that could make its way into the world, including houses, levels, and cosmetic items.


Dragon of Legends will have full cross-platform play, so mobile users can play together with PC gamers, and the same player can adventure across either device. The game will work on Windows, Mac, and Linux, as well as iOS and Android devices. There’s also a mention of potential availability for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on the game’s website, but not on the Collective page.

Should Thrive Games generate enough interest in the project via the Collective, the next step would be crowdfunding, and Square Enix offers support to games the community selects. The Dragon of Legends page contains more information, and users who register can vote for the project.

Thrive Games’ website offers a newsletter subscription option, which is used to draw select users for closed Beta tests of Dragon of Legends.

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