Dogfight Through a Colorful Computer Simulation in Voxel Blast

In a blaze of color and thumping electro, Voxel Blast is coming to Steam on October 22nd. Travelling through a series of neon-bright, digital landscapes, the player aims to shoot down a series of constantly evolving enemies. As situations can change rapidly and spiral out of control, Voxel Blast demands quick reflexes and snap decision-making.


Recalling flight and dogfight simulators as well as the hits of the arcade Golden Age, Voxel Blast comes out of Costa Rica’s Ceiba Software and Arts, a small studio founded this year. The game offers a choice of three ships, each with their own advantages, and four play modes: challenge, survival, arcade, and multiplayer. Full gamepad support is included, and recommended by the studio as the best way to perform the high-speed, precise flight style necessary to beat the game. Voxel Blast’s flight simulation aims to be a challenging experience, with player skill being necessary over blind luck or repetitive action.

Ceiba states that they “have a special interest in the artistic potential of…videogames”, and have accordingly chosen a striking visual style in which to render its complex 3D environments. Visual and gameplay reference points include Tron, Star Fox, and After Burner.


Voxel Blast will be available on Steam for Windows 7+, Mac, and Linux. It will retail for $11.99, but a launch week sale will bring it down to $9.59. For more information, check out Ceiba Software and Arts’ website, Facebook, or Twitter.