Devil Daggers is the most intense game you’ll play this weekend

Devil Daggers

I stopped playing Devil Daggers a few minutes ago and my heart is still racing.

Devil Daggers is a frantic game filled with absolute monstrosities that can kill you with a single touch. Gnashing skulls, floating cycloptic goliaths, burrowing centipede-like titans, and ten other of the foulest creatures imaginable await players in the game’s hellish arena.

Armed with a magical dagger, players must dodge the monsters and eliminate them as quickly as possible to avoid being overrun. Enemies come in predetermined waves so experienced players can plan their maneuverings based on past experience. By holding down a left-click players can send a single stream of daggers flying at the demons, and if aimed at their glowing red weak points, the stream is usually enough to quickly eliminate them. Right-clicks trigger a shotgun-like blast ability that is great for taking out enemies close together, but cannot be fired as rapidly as the stream of single daggers.

As of this time, I’ve barely lasted a full minute in Devil Daggers. I am actually quite proud of that, even though it’s not very long at all. I’ve seen other players survive for far longer thanks to the game’s built-in replay function that allows you to see other player’s best runs, and everyone else can see your own best run as well. The replay feature even has a separate listing that allows you to view friends’ best runs.

Devil Daggers is now available on Steam. Follow the game on Twitter: @devildaggers.

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