‘Death Inc’ Not Just Another Day At The Office

Death Inc SS01

Yesterday saw Ambient Studios, a new indie studio comprised of numerous video game veterans of Media Molecule announce their first Kickstarter project, Death Inc.

Taking a great deal of influence from the late great Bullfrog Productions Ambient aim to bring back everything that made these games great. It’s kind of odd to have been waiting for a new Bullfrog game all these years and after 14 years they all seem to be coming at once. It must just be now that people who played Dungeon Keeper and Theme Hospital are craving for more of this comedic goodness.

I do relish the whole bringing back of all things Bullfrog as this studio was the biggest influence on my childhood and dearly love their games and miss them greatly.

Death Inc sends you back to 1660 England, the country was suffering greatly from the Black Death and in Death Inc you are only going to make things worse (it’s good to be bad). Death Inc is a very tongue in cheek humoured kind of game that – again like Bullfrog – can take such difficult matters and tackle them sensitively, and with a whole truckload of humour.

Death Inc combines God sim, RTS, and Business sim into a whole new and exciting game with its own unique gameplay. You will be charged with infecting as many people as possible to allow them to join your horde and take over the world. Not a small feat I know, not even for a Reaper.

Death Inc seems to embody everything a Bullfrog game was and with its new cartoony style I can’t help but feel this is exactly how a modern day Bullfrog game would look like.

Ambient Studios are looking to raise £300,000 ($473,000 approx) to complete the project and from the way it already looks and sound it should be a winner. If you where a fan of Bullfrog in the late ’90s then Death Inc may very well be the game for you.

To back Death Inc head to the Kickstarter page and find out more. If you would like to read up on Ambient Studios their official site holds a treasure trove of information.

Raised on C&C, Theme Hospital, and Dungeon Keeper it was inevitable I would become a strategy nerd... and Sci-Fi (I love Sci-Fi). Board gaming is my second love (after video games of course). Find me on Twitter @alexwilkinson

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