Dark Storm: Ascension Sneaks into Action

In an alternate¬†future, where the United States and the Russian Federation are bitter enemies, Dark Matter is the hope of mankind. With natural resources continually dwindling, many scientists have deduced that Dark Matter could resolve¬†growing energy concerns. Leading the movement is Irving Dynamics, who have set up the Apex Facility in the Alaskan wilderness to build the world’s largest Hadron Collider. But an unexpected attack by elite Russian Special Forces interrupts just before the Apex Facility can make its tremendous breakthrough. Amber Kingsley, a former Army specialist, undertakes the mission to infiltrate the base and stop the Russian forces – because one of the scientists endangered is her lifelong friend, Jill Haley.


Amber is the player character in Dark Storm: Ascension, a project in development at Fenrir Studios. A tactical stealth action game, Dark Storm takes inspiration from genre classics such as Deus Ex and the Metal Gear Solid franchise. As Amber, the player is destined to change the course of human history; with the help of Sya, an artificial intelligence companion developed by Jill, Amber must find her friend and discover who is behind the attack – and what they want.


To prepare for the full launch of Dark Storm: Ascension, Fenrir Studios is beginning a Kickstarter today to raise the needed funds. As a gesture of goodwill, and to show their potential backers just how serious they are, they invite interested players to try a free demo of Dark Storm: VR Missions. This fully voice-acted demo provides “hours of extensive training and combat courses,” including ten VR simulations to test players’ skills.


The Kickstarter will continue throughout the entire month of August. As part of our Crowdfunding Promotion Initiative, backers pledging $25 or more will receive a free digital issue of Indie Game Magazine as part of their reward tiers. If all goes according to plan, the game will release in September 2016. For more, visit the official Dark Storm Facebook, Twitter, and Steam pages.

Laura, to borrow a phrase from Metal Gear Solid 3, has one good eye and can still fire a gun. She refers to herself as a "video dame," and has been an avid gamer on various platforms since she first picked up a Pong controller over 30 years ago. She takes great delight in explaining different games to her husband.

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    Looking great guys! Keep up the good work, and good luck with your campaign :D