Cosmochoria Brings Pantsless Cosmonauts to Early Access September 29

It’s been a while since we looked in on Nate Schmold’s Cosmochoria. After an absurdly-successful Kickstarter (that almost tripled the asking price), the game has been coming along well. So well that Schmold will be bringing his gardening, space-faring, and for some reason pantsless brand of space action and adventure to Steam Early Access on September 29. For ten dollars, you too can fly through space, exploring and reviving lost planets while fighting off angry aliens who likely just aren’t all that happy to see some naked guy setting up shop on their neighboring planets. This is an intergallactic version of that creepy neighbor you have that never closes his curtains and walks around nude. Can you really blame the aliens for being hostile?


We were already impressed with the game’s mechanics when we looked at it back in March during its Kickstarter. Players can explore a procedurally generated galaxy with their little jet pack, flying through dark space until they find a little rock to call home. You can plant seeds there to grow new life, which steadily fills the planet’s atmosphere with life and color, turning them vibrant and bright compared to the dullness of space. Alien races look to make this difficult for the player and will attack, but you can improve weapons and defenses by shooting aliens and picking up the crystals that they… poop out. Don’t look at me. That was in the features section of the Early Access site. They don’t drop them when they die; they excrete them. Luckily, the shops in space don’t ask too many questions about where you get these items.


The game looks adorable and silly, so if you want to start exploring and filling dead planets with color and love, head on over to Cosmochoria‘s Early Access page and drop ten bucks on it starting September 29. You know, if currency-pooping aliens and being naked in space is your thing.

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