Cloudface Floats On With New Teaser Trailer

Developed by Futurebeard, an indie games company consisting of the bearded trio Corey McDaniel (Artist/Animator), Craig Johnston (Programmer) and Calum Bowen (Music/SFX), Cloudface  is a 2D platforming extravaganza that is currently in development. Taking cues from  games such as Earthworm Jim for the SNES and the Wario Land series, Cloudface follows the exploits of business-cloud, as he seeks to recover his important documents which were stolen by King Konniver, a nefarious and fruity piece of bubble gum.

As a bearded man myself, I was already intrigued by the flavor and hand-drawn animation of Cloudface, and the above teaser trailer serves to reinforce the wacky brand of humor that has been injected into this indie gem. At the time of writing, the game is intended to feature six full zones, with three levels attached to each zone, and a boss fight at the end of each one. Additionally, secrets and bonus levels will be strew n throughout each level, making a total game run-time of 3-5 hours.

For more information on the game’s development cycle, check out the official Cloudface website