Circa Infinity is a Real Brain-bender

As my own bio says, I’m a huge fan of puzzle games, but Circa Infinity seems to challenge me and my own idea of how the genre is and how I play these games. In development by Kenny Sun, a recent graduate of NYU, the game blends circular platforms and twitch gameplay in a very curious way.

steamworkshop_webupload_previewfile_418860985_preview (2)

Circa Infinity feels reminiscent of a lot the Wario Ware series’ craziness. It offers a completely different experience through its 32 levels, yet requires the same speed and quick reflexes of players at all times. The stages look a lot like optical illusion images, twisting and turning the player’s head with it. It’s easy to end up thinking “what am I doing here?” just by watching the trailer.

steamworkshop_webupload_previewfile_418860985_preview (1)

Putting it short, the game is about a character who is stuck inside circles. Inside each circle there’s a ball which the player has to touch, before opening itself in another circle with another ball in it. Then, the player has to enter this new circle and repeat the cycle until the end of the stage. The movements are clockwise and counter-clockwise only, and the character must avoid any threats inside the circular platforms to reach the end safely and quickly.


Although messy (in a good way), Circa Infinity seems to provide a big challenge to every player, mainly the twitch fans. The game is currently looking for votes on Steam Greenlight, with intent to release for PC, Mac, and Linux, and you can find the page by clicking here. As of now, there’s no demo or official release date set, but further updates might come through the game’s Facebook page.

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