Build an Underground Vault and Foster a Colony in Life in Bunker

Fallout Shelter has been a popular mobile game for a while, but many say that it’s just too simplistic. Leave it to indie developers to take an idea and expand on it. Life in Bunker has players tending to a colony of people that settles below a no-longer-habitable surface.

The player is in charge of expanding a vault by building rooms. After expanding horizontally as much as possible, there are eight layers that transform into floors for the colony. The bunker expands to accommodate the daily needs of each tenant, from food and drink to miscellaneous activities such as working out and playing on Dance Dance Revolution-like machines. Almost everything requires clean air, water, and electricity, provided by properly laying out a network of pipes and wires.


Building is just one half of the success, because inhabitants change over time and need some management. As they age, they become less efficient. They don’t like eating the same grub daily, either. They prefer variety provided by one of four foods that can be grown in the vault. To meet the expanding needs of the colony, the player can research new items and upgrade equipment. Better gear comes in handy when dealing with random events and unpleasant visitors, which can end the life of a colonist before he or she gets to retirement.


Life in Bunker successfully passed Steam Greenlight and just went up on Kickstarter earlier this week. The developer, Flox Studio, is asking for $18,473 USD (estimated after conversion). The $11 Early Bird tier is almost gone, so pledging about $15 is the next, lowest tier to get a PC copy of the game, for Windows, Mac, or Linux. Flox Studio estimates delivery of rewards to Kickstarter backers in February 2016.

Visit Life in Bunker‘s website for some more information and screenshots of the upcoming post-apocalyptic survival simulator.

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